Honda VFR 800 VTECH 2002

New Nitron Track Shock Fitted & Full Fork Tune


Hi Teut,

Enjoyed the ride home - what a revelation! I now think I understand what it means when I hear people talk about the bike feeling 'planted'. Everything felt so stable, unflustered and reassuring. There are a few bits of nasty tarmac on the roads near to my house that I have learnt to respect but this time it was a whole different story. The bike just took it in its stride and I didn't feel as though I had to provide any real input. Corners feel so much better - I am not a great rider but I thoght that I was able to take corners with far more confidence and more impressive lean angles!!

I also found that it was so easy to adjust the compression 'on the go' just by reaching down to the adjuster - so I had a bit of a play about with that and could immediately notice the changes. I need a bit longer with this to suss it out.

All in all - I am extremely happy!! Don't let the police know but it seems that the faster you go the better it all feels.

Thanks again,

Simon Raven