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TW Suspension Tech is solely run by Teut Wiehn who has over 21 years experience of working on motorcycles of all makes and models. Starting his motorcycle career as a motorcycle mechanic and progressing to workshop manager he then joined Revolution Racing where he developed his skills further as a race engine builder and suspension tuner working at all levels including Club Championship, British Superbikes and World Superbikes.

Taking a keen interest in motorcycle suspension and handling, Teut further developed his skills as a suspension tuner and set up specialist by successfully completing numerous training courses including his advanced suspension technician course with Paul Thede of Race Tech in California. His desire to fully understand all aspects of motorcycle handling and chassis design also encouraged Teut to attend the Tony Foale Motorcycle Dynamics and Suspension training seminar in Barcelona Technical University.

Teut is highly trained, qualified and a premier dealer for Race Tech, Bitubo, K-Tech, Andreani, Nitron, Dal Soggio, YSS, Tractive, Showa, KYB, Matris and Ohlin's specialist suspension components.

With over 20 years experience specialising in suspension set up and tuning, Teut has an in-depth understanding and appreciation of motorcycle handling and set up, capable of solving almost any handling issues.

Experience Includes:

Over 15 years working with riders at Club Level, British Superbikes and more recently at World Superbikes.

TW Suspension Tech were the appointed suspension specialists for Thundersport GB from 2017 to 2022 when Thundersport decided to call it a day.

TW Suspension Tech are the proud sponsors and Technical Partner for BEMSEE and NG Road Racing since 2023.

Providing professional suspension set up and technical support at each of the rounds we have helped numerous teams and riders secure championships and top three results:

These Include:

  • Nicky Wilson (Reactive Parts MRO Powerbikes Champion 2023)
  • Tony Russo (2nd Thunderbike Sport)
  • Alex Mann (3rd Thunderbike Sport)
  • Morgan Creasy (BMCRC Thunderbike Ultra Champion 2023)
  • Stacey Killworth (2nd BMRC Thunderbike Ultra)
  • Barry Mantell (BMCRC Thunderbike Extreme Champion 2023)
  • Chris Kent (3rd BMZRC 250 MZ)
  • Henry Ross (Motorsport MRO Clubman 600 Champion 2023)
  • Michael Allen (BMCRC SuperTwins Champion 2023)
  • Tony Parker (2nd BMCRC SuperTwins)
  • Simon Harvey (3rd BMCRC Thunderbike Sport Rookies)
  • Rory Parker - 3rd in GP1 Elite 2022
  • Harry Leigh - 3rd in 600 Elite 2022
  • Jorge Halliday- Pre-National 600 Champion 2022
  • Karl Seaton- 2nd in Pre-National 600 2022
  • Alex Pearson - 3rd in Pre-National 600 2022
  • Steven Butterworth - Champion in 600 Sportsman 2022
  • Wilfrid Turner - 2nd in 600 Sportsman 2022
  • Rhys Hutchinson - 3rd in 600 Sportsman 2022
  • Lee Terry - GP1 Classic Champion 2022
  • Morgan Creasey - 2nd in GP1 Classic 2022
  • Ryan Strafford- Champion in GP2 Supertwins 2022
  • Max Dixon- 2nd in GP2 Supertwins 2022
  • Mitch Ducran - Champion in Stocktwins 2022
  • Paul Cunvin- Champion in Super Naked 2022
  • James Leslie - 3rd in Super Naked 2022
  • Alex Mann - Stocktwins Champion 2021
  • Adrian Teasdale- 2nd in Stocktwins Championship 2021
  • Ryan Strafford - 2nd in Supertwins Championship 2021
  • Sigitas Cerniauskas- GP1 Cup Champion 2021
  • Lee Terry - GP1 Classic Champion 2021
  • Kris Gent - Pre National 600 Freshman Champion 2021
  • Wilfred Turner - Pre National 600 Sport Champion-2021
  • Steve Butterworth - 2nd Pre National 600 Sport Champion 2021
  • Ashley Thompson - GP1 Sportsman Champion 2021
  • Rory Parker - 3rd in GP1 Elite 2021
  • Max Stainton - Sportsman 600 Champion 2019
  • Alberto Solero - Stocktwins Champion 2019
  • John Ingram - GP1 Elite Champion 2018
  • Michael Auston - GP1 Sportsman Champion 2018
  • Dan Frear - Elite 600 Champion 2018
  • Andy Guy - Sportsman 600 Champion 2018
  • Ryan Strafford- GP1 Classic Champion 2018 & 2019
  • Sebastian Spiers - GP1 Cup Champion 2018
  • Andy Windsor - Golden Era Supersport Champion 2018
  • John Dieterman - Goldn Era Superbike Champion 2016 & 2017
  • William White- Elite 600 Champion 2017
  • Alan Birtwhistle Winning the British Flat Track Championship 2016 & 2017.

Past Experience also includes:

Paul Emery (2004 Derby Phoenix 750-1300cc Championship Winner), Jon Kirkham (Privateer BSB Superbike Rider For Rizzla Suzuki in 2003) David Johnson (BSB Superstock Championship 2005, 2006, 2015) John Ingram ( 2005, 2006 BSB Superstock championship) Craig Fitzpatrick (BSB Superstock Championship 2006) and Rob Bugden (Australian Superbike Champion Rider).

For up to date rider and race results please follow us on facebook & Instagram:

TW Suspension Tech take pride in the work we do, we provide honest advice and support to anyone seeking to improve the handling and performance of their bikes, whether you ride on the road, race track or motorcross.

We welcome any enquiries and we will be pleased to help you resolve any issues you may have with your bikes handling.

“After all, the best you have ridden is the best you know”