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Due to the complex nature of the installation and the unique tools required, it is reccomended that TVT cartridge kits should be fitted by Nitron or one of our authorized fitting centres.

Nitron TVT Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kits offer the same level of improvements in rider control, performance and comfort that have become the trademark of the Nitron product. This system features a bore 22mm piston which provides significant improvements in performance over the OEM set up. Independent adjustment of rebound (right fork) and compression damping (left fork) is both easy to use and extremely effective. In addition to this, a key feature of the TVT Fork Cartridge Kit is the third, high speed damping valve incorporated into the compression cartridge. The valve is pre-set to react to high-speed, hard edge bumps which normally unsettle a well damped set up especially when combined with hard braking and cornering forces.

All three valve pistons can be quickly and easily removed for re-valving without the need to remove the forks from the bike.

Standard Specifications:

  • Large Bore 22mm Piston 
  • Independent Rebound, Compression and Pre-Load Damping Adjustment
  • Unique Nitron Design fork caps
  • (TVT) high speed damping valve in the compression cartridge
  • Easy Piston removal for trackside revalving and set up changes with ease
  • Hard anodised components for extended longevity of parts


Nitron are able to offer a factory installation service for customers able to send their forks directly to us. The service includes dismantling the standard forks, carrying out required modifications and installation of the Nitron TVT Fork Cartridge Kit. The price includes labour charges and suspension fluid but does not include the cost of any service parts i.e. seals and bushes that may be required. The customer’s forks should be received at Nitron in a clean and serviceable condition, extra charges will be incurred for cleaning.


Nitron TVT Fork Cartridges are developed using Nitron 02 Synthetic Fork Oil. It is vital that this oil is used throughout service to ensure the correct levels of performance, safety and durability are achieved. If you chose our installation service, Nitron 02 Synthetic Fork Oil is included in the price.

Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific cartridge end fittings may differ from that shown.
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