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DUCATI SPORT CLASSIC 1000 (06-09) Twin Shocks

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NTR R1 TWIN SHOCKS Reliable performance gas mono-tube for twin-shock bikes to be enjoyed on the road... Using the latest materials and technologies ensures your bike will benefit from the ultimate in twin-shock dampers, with not only the best looking shocks available, but also ones with the highest performance in comfort, reliability and speed. Fully re-buildable and modifiable, these shocks can be tuned to your requirements and should last as long as your bike.

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Simple Yet Effective The NTR R1 Twin shocks have one damping adjustment. The adjustor knob affects both compression and rebound simultaneously for simple and road-biased set up. The shock features spring preload as well as shock length adjustment. It comes preset for damping and preload and includes the bearing end spacers and preload adjustment tool. Style Options Having the right look for a bike with twin shocks can sometimes be as important as the performance upgrade so please choose from 3 distinct style options to match your bike. Our Classic (Titanium/ Black), Stealth (Stealth/ Black) & NTR (Titanium/ Blue) styles are all built using the same high grade hard-anodised parts and polished chrome piston rods, but with more refined colour choices to suit any bike. Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific shock end fittings may differ from that shown.
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TW Suspension Tech are premier dealers and service centre for Nitron and we supply the full range of Nitron Suspension products. Nitron has enjoyed over two decades of success, including prestigious race victories, class wins and lap records all over the globe. Engineered, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Nitron’s international headquarters are located right in the heart of England’s well known ‘Motorsport Valley’, in Oxfordshire...

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All shocks are selected with the correct spring rate to suit your individual weight.