TW Suspension Tech have over 10 years of experience in supporting Race Teams with professional track side suspension & chassis set up. Working at British Superbike and Club Level we have helped numerous riders & teams secure championships.


Over 15 years working with riders at various levels including WSBK, BSB and Club level.

Hannes Soomer WSBK 2022, Stephano Manzi WSBK 2022, Jon Kirkham (Privateer BSB Superbike Rider For Rizzla Suzuki in 2003) David Jonson (BSB Superstock Championship 2005, 2006, 2015) John Ingram ( 2005, 2006 BSB Superstock championship) Craig Fitzpartick (BSB Superstock Championship 2006) and Rob Bugden (Austrailian Superbike Champion Rider)

TW Suspension Tech are the appointed suspension specialists for Thundersport GB since 2017.

Providing professional suspension set up and technical support at each of the rounds we have helped numerous teams and riders secure championships and top three results:

These Include:

  • Alex Mann - Stocktwins Champion 2021
  • Adrian Teasdale- 2nd in Stocktwins Championship 2021
  • Ryan Strafford - 2nd in Supertwins Championship 2021
  • Sigitas Cerniauskas- GP1 Cup Champion 2021
  • Lee Terry - GP1 Classic Champion 2021
  • Kris Gent - Pre National 600 Freshman Champion 2021
  • Wilfred Turner - Pre National 600 Sport Champion-2021
  • Steve Butterworth - 2nd Pre National 600 Sport Champion 2021
  • Ashley Thompson - GP1 Sportsman Champion 2021
  • Rory Parker - 3rd in GP1 Elite 2021
  • Max Stainton - Sportsman 600 Champion 2019
  • Alberto Solero - Stocktwins Champion 2019
  • John Ingram - GP1 Elite Champion 2018
  • Michael Auston - GP1 Sportsman Champion 2018
  • Dan Frear - Elite 600 Champion 2018
  • Andy Guy - Sportsman 600 Champion 2018
  • Ryan Strafford- GP1 Classic Champion 2018 & 2019
  • Sebastian Spiers - GP1 Cup Champion 2018
  • Andy Windsor - Golden Era Supersport Champion 2018
  • John Dieterman - Goldn Era Superbike Champion 2016 & 2017
  • William White- Elite 600 Champion 2017
  • Alan Birtwhistle Winning the British Flat Track Championship 2016 & 2017.

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Whether you are a professional race team, a club level rider or simply keen track day rider looking to have your bike properly set up, we provide professional track side suspension and chassis set up support to help riders get their bikes properly set up for each circuit. This is usually carried out as a one to one service, where we will work closely with you and help you to resolve any handling issues, however we are also able to work with more than one rider by prior arrangement.

  • TW Suspension Tech have a fully equipped Race Support Vehicle to enable us to undertake all suspension service, repair and tuning work trackside
  • We are able to work with most Data Acquisition Software including AiM’ MoTeC and also work with MotoSpec Chassis Analysis Software to help analyse and ensure optimum chassis set up.
  • We maintain a complete and detailed record of the whole chassis set up for each circuit

For new riders / teams with whom we have not previously worked it can beneficial to do a track day together, where we can get the opportunity to establish your bikes current settings and gauge the feedback you give as a rider. From there we then work together to establish the optimum settings on your suspension. Further sessions then allow for fine adjustments and specific settings for each circuit and track conditions.


Please contact us to discuss prices and availability for professional track side services.